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With its unique regional advantages, well-developed transportation network and improved infrastructures, Wuxi Yuqi town, a southern city of beautiful scenery and outstanding people, has been nurturing a large number of outstanding private enterprises.

Jiangsu Yulong Steel Pipe Co,.Ltd (Yulong for short) is one of the most prominent stars on the amazing land. Yulong, who is birth from Wuxi county high-frequency welded tube plant, under thirty years¡¯ market baptism, broke loose the shackles of the planned economy system and finally became East China's largest steel pipe production base. Covering an area of 320,000 square meters, with total assets of 70 million, a crew of over 1000 employees and annual sales around 3 billion, now Yulong is one of the national top 500 private enterprises. It is also one of the integrated manufacturers professed in producing steel pipes for transferring oil, gas and water and large scale structures. Yulong has nine sets of machine unit for ¦µ219-¦µ2850 of SAWH steel pipe with an annual production capacity of around 260,000 tons, two sets of SAWL production lines: one with ¦µ1422 maximum and one ¦µ813 maximum with an annual production of 200,000 tons, two sets of machine unit for ¦µ168 maximum and ¦µ508 maximum HFW steel pipe with an annual production volume of around 160,000 tons, four sets of machine unit of square and rectangle pipe for the size of 200¡Á200, 400¡Á400, 250¡Á250, 300¡Á300 with an annual production capacity of around 140,000 tons and two sets of machine unit for internal and external coating with an annual production capacity of 2,000,000 sq.meters.

Facing the new market, Yulong adopts the three-dimensional marketing strategy, constantly expanding the domestic market share, sparing no efforts to open up the international market and competing in the international market. While meeting the domestic demand, Yulong products serves many internationally well-known enterprises as well. Presently our company¡¯s sales network covers most cities and districts in China like Guangxi, Sichuan, Fujian, Hainan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Harbin, Xi¡¯an and Urumchi. They are also exported to countries like America, Canada, Italy, Spain, Chile, Dominica, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Hong Kong and provided to many famous projects like ¡°Bird¡¯s Nest¡± project, ¡°Water Cube¡± project, national grand theater, Shenhua Ordos coal liquefaction project, Shenhua Baotou coal chemical Co.,Ltd.-coal-to-olefin project, Central Asia natural gas pipeline and Jiangxi natural gas project etc.

Yulong was awarded China steel pipe association unit, cold-formed steel unit of China Association, unit of China Construction Metal Association, China City Gas Association member, qualified suppliers approved by China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau and A class qualified supplier for China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation. Yulong square and rectangular steel pipe was considered high-tech products in Jiangsu province. Yulong brand was awarded top china brand and Yulong was awarded national keep contracts and promises enterprise.

After thirty years¡¯ self-accumulation and self-development, Yulong entered into a new operation stage of branding, capitalized, large-scale. The decision maker of the company was very forward looking and spent a lot on building HFW steel pipe production line, SAWL steel pipe production line and high grade SAWH steel pipe production line separately from 2007 to 2009. This movement further completed the product structure, enhanced scientific and technological content of products and effectively and got rid of the cutthroat competition of the low end products and broadened the way of the future development.

Meanwhile, Yulong positively prepare works for going public and broaden its financing channels. We put the direct financing from the capital market into upgrading the production equipments and enhancing the technological elements of the product. The capital strength gives the enterprise more robust dynamic in the future planning.

Yulong always holds the idea of ¡°make the company bigger and stronger and the product finer¡±. With the determination and courage, wisdom and endeavor, Yulong people make one and other miracles and achieved today¡¯s success after thirty years¡¯ effort. Yulong people are striving for the dream of century enterprise. As the management system is completing, the product quality is upgrading and the enterprise culture is deepening. In the near future, Yulong will compose a great private enterprise develop history for the world.


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